Walter saves Dad from Baltar

Baltar had stuck a pose, legs wide, belly out, and beer cans thrust towards Walter and Dad. Walter slid his shoulder slightly in front of Dad and actually looked like he was enjoying himself. Dad’s eyes looked like they were darting from side to side, but maybe I was projecting that onto him.

Joan leaned over to me. “Now Walter is asking him about how things are going.” Walter did appear to be asking Baltar a question. The first question anyone had really asked him since he had barreled into the backyard. “Walter also knows that Baltar just got dumped by another girlfriend?”

“He did?” I squealed, causing Dad to look over my way. I lowered my voice and studiously looked away from the grill. “I mean, that’s too bad.”

“Mmm,” said Joan. “It is but he’s also an ass. It’s a miracle anyone dates him at all. I don’t think he realized he was going to get dumped when he brought up what a drag Ann was being.”

“Oops,” I said.