Rants from 2005

November 2005

School is hard. I had forgotten, and I must admit thought unkind thoughts about those who complained. But now that I am required to work well with others, listen to lecture, and read dense theory, I remember why college wasn’t just a party full of pirates and fart noises. Oh well. The whole learning thing is good, though.

Going upside in yoga is scary. I have decided to ignore this aspect, and stay a beginner for good deal longer. This reminds me vaguely of doing martial arts and enjoying the first little bit and then getting real antsy about the more advanced levels. Perhaps this has something to do with my lack of inclination to compete or do things are hard. I will be a lazy, mostly staying right-side up yoga person. I do work hard at my downward facing dog position. That’s hard work and not too scary!

Wahhhh! I want to go skiing! What’s with this whole working and going to school thing? How boring!

June 2005

I am not a parade watcher, so I regularly miss the Rose Festival
parades. I have no particularly strong reaction to blocking off
sections of the sidewalk for watching the parade, but…why can’t
they pull up the tape they use to block off their section? It’s
frickin’ ridiculous. Now I walk along MLK Blvd, examining half balled-up
bundles of tape and whole areas still marked off for “Row”
or “Dale” or “Royale Pain.” Pick it up!

My cell phone company was ATT Wireless and is now
Cingular (through no action on my part). They suck. Their billing
is confusing. Basic questions, like how many minutes are on my plan,
are not answered. Their website is confusing and unhelpful. Waiting
to talk to someone is long and slow, and when I get a different
answer every time I call. And I have never seen any of these “rollover”
minutes they are so proud of. But I guess I don’t have to have a
landline with Qwest (dumb name, although I’m sort of used to it
now), so that counts for something.

May 2005

Well, I would love to say that April passed entirely without a rant,
but of course that wouldn’t be true. The poor rants just did not
get translated to here. But May looks to be good, strong, healthy
month for rants.

1) Tax cuts for very wealthy (billions and billions) and program
cuts for the very poor (gotta balance the budget even though the
cuts aren’t going to come close to paying for the tax cuts). Guess
who loses?

2) Groups of motorcyclists sitting outside Santa Fe or Starbucks
on NW 23rd and making not nice comments. Damn them and their Japanese
motorcycles! I would take a group of older guys on their harleys
any day.

3) What exactly is the point of leaf blowers? Most of them are stinky,
noisy, and not really picking up any leaves — just blowing them
into someone else’s area.

4) Dog poop and self-righteous dog owners.

March 2005

Dude. Here I am, finally returning to my dear Blue Hooded Sweatshirt,
and my layout is all screwy! And my dearest website support guy
is on another continent. Hmmm…and why is bHs looking different
in Firefox and in Microsoft Internet Explorer? This is most aggravating.
Perhaps I should take a cue from the below rant and just walk away
for a bit. Yes. That’s what I’m going to do. So, enjoy the new,
creative layout. A chance to reflect on the random nature of the
web and technology and beauty.

Damn the web and its nefarious tendancy to suck hours
away from my life! I thought that not having access to television
would lead me to think deep thought and generally improve as a person.
Instead, I incessantly scan various online news sources, as if I
can singlehandedly track the details of the world, and as if it
matters that I track the details of the world. Well, I cannot. I
don’t want to. I want my time back. But I can’t manage to stop,
and what if something really important happens? I want to be the
first to know!

Do I like or dislike it when the radio folks are also
in the advertisements? I can’t decide. Initially, I thought it was
a bit odd, but then I realized NPR essentially does that all the
time. And then I started to rather like it — sort of like cable
access tv, but on the radio. So, kudos to Gustav and his wife on
94.7 and their quest for enough money to pay for the new kid. I
hope they are paying you well!